Sigelman Steel & Recycling is a blend of close-knit community and modern efficiency. Owners Sam and Luke Opatz, who took over the business from their father, Jon, in 2022, plan to retain the small-town feel while modernizing and staying competitive in the industry. Sigelman Steel strives to offer some of the most competitive payouts in the area.

Who We Are

Owned by brothers Sam and Luke Opatz, Sigelman Steel & Recycling has been in the metal recycling and steel sales business since 1909. A mix of close-knit culture and modern efficiency, we continue to grow and expand today. Sigelman Steel accepts and pays for a wide variety of materials, including scrap autos, cans, steel, tin, aluminum, catalytic converters, and more. We also sell new and used steel cut to any size. Our unique custom cutting option allows us to supply steel for a vast variety of projects.
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Company History

Opened in 1909, Sigelman Steel & Recycling was purchased by Mark Opatz in 1970 when his brother, who had originally planned to take over the business, had to step aside. Though taking the reins at the steel cutting and metal recycling business was a challenge, it worked out well for Mark and the Opatz family. In 2002, Mark’s son, Jon, purchased Sigelman Steel from his father.

Today, Jon’s sons, Sam and Luke, who took over the business in 2022, are carrying the legacy forward. The new owners plan to maintain the close-knit feel of Sigelman Steel & Recycling, while offering even more competitive pricing and increased efficiency.
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Moving Forward

Owners Sam and Luke Opatz have exciting plans to modernize and grow their Fergus Falls, Minnesota, business. Customers can soon expect new equipment for greater effectiveness and peace of mind, including a super magnet to pick up stray nails and further prevent any tire damage. Sigelman looks forward to growing alongside the community they have proudly served for over 100 years.

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